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Connectivity and Movement Ecology

We review the movement patterns of fish and decapod crustaceans with special attention to scale and the limitations of the conventional single approach which can lead to a scale mismatch in studies of mobile organisms. We propose a hierarchical conceptual framework and we offer a new definition of ‘habitat’ from an organism-based perspective and review the tools for measuring and mapping in movement ecology.

Simon J Pittman, Clive A. McAlpine

We examine the application of landscape ecology to understand ecological connectivity in tropical marine ecosystems by exploring landscape ecology concepts, methods and tools available for evaluating connectivity, examining data needs and obstacles, and reviewing lessons learned from terrestrial landscape ecology.

Grober-Dunsmore, Simon J Pittman, Chris Caldow, Matthew S Kendall, Thomas K Frazer

The information on direction of fish movement together with analysis of prey data provided strong evidence of ecological linkages between distinct adjacent habitat types and highlighted the need for greater inclusion of a mosaic of multiple habitats when attempting to understand ecosystem function including the spatial transfer of energy across the seascape.