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The Virtual Lab of Seascape Ecology provides opportunities for graduate research students to collaborate with Dr Simon Pittman on research with a seascape ecology theme. Although affiliated with several universities, the Seascape Ecology Lab currently does not have a physical lab so our collaboration is typically conducted remotely. Here you can see some of the graduate students that Simon has enjoyed mentoring in recent years.


Current and Past Graduate Research Students



Holly Kembrey (M.Sc. Biodiversity, Conservation & Management 2022)

University of Oxford, UK

Thesis: Seascape-fish relationships and patterns of resilience in a marine protected area in the Arabian Gulf


Jonathan Rutter (M.Sc. Biodiversity, Conservation & Management 2022)

University of Oxford, UK

Thesis: Using fine-scale spatiotemporal overlap between albatrosses and fishing vessels to estimate exposure to bycatch risk in the high seas


Pirta Palola (D.Phil. Geography 2021-2024)

University of Oxford, UK

Thesis: Towards integrated land-sea management: mapping and modelling ecological connectivity in tropical coastal environments


Courtney Stuart (MSc Biological Sciences 2020-2022)

University of Alberta, Canada

Thesis: How seascape connectivity can bolster restoration and conservation efforts in coupled coral reef-seagrass-mangrove ecosystems in the Florida Keys


Inaiara Sousa Siqueira da Silva (Ph.D. Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation 2020-2023)

State University of Santa Cruz, Brazil

Thesis: Fish movements and trophic linkages across coral reef ecosystems of Abrolhos Marine National Park


Michael Espriella (Ph.D. Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences 2020-2023)

University of Florida, USA

Thesis: Seascape ecology of oyster reefs and the implications for restoration design


Jonathan Rodemann (Ph.D. Earth & Environment 2020-2023)

Florida International University, USA

Thesis: Movement and trophic ecology of recreational sportfish in response to human impacts to seagrass spatial configuration


Denise Swanborn (D.Phil. Zoology 2019-2022)

University of Oxford, UK

Thesis: Mapping mesophotic coral reef distributions at oceanic islands in the Western Indian Ocean

Arianna Liconti (M.Res. Marine Biology 2018-2019)

University of Plymouth & Marine Biological Association, UK

Thesis: A multi-source approach to identify conservation priorities for gorgonian forests in Italian coastal waters

Martha Patricia Rincón Díaz (Ph.D. 2013-2018)

Oregon State University, Department of Fisheries & Wildlife, USA

Thesis: Understanding variation of functional diversity in fish assemblages as a metric to evaluate the effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the U.S. Caribbean


Nicole Wadsworth (M.Res. Marine Biology 2017-2018)

University of Plymouth, UK

Thesis: Nursery biotope utilization: An investigative evaluation of biotope function at Egg Island, Bahamas


Mareike Donají Duffing Romero (M.Sc. Marine & Environmental Science 2016-2018)

University of the Virgin Islands, USA

Thesis: Spatial-temporal movement patterns of Atlantic tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) and Lane snapper (Lutjanus synagris) in the US Virgin Islands


Linn Sekund (International M.Sc. Marine Biodiversity & Conservation 2014-2015)

University of Ghent, Belgium

Thesis: Explaining island-wide patterns of Caribbean fish diversity: A multi-scale seascape approach


Rolando Omar Santos Corujo (Ph.D. 2011-2015)

University of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science, USA

Thesis: Spatial dynamics of vegetated seascapes and the influence on fish and crustaceans


Lia Ortiz (M.Sc. Marine & Environmental Science 2010-2012)

University of the Virgin Islands, USA

Thesis: The social structure of the USVI fishing community: A basis for reducing fishery ecosystem and resource vulnerabilities, while improving chances for sustainability


Gabby Renchen (nee Folger) (M.Sc. Marine & Environmental Science 2010-2012)

University of the Virgin Islands, USA

Thesis: Assessing the impact of derelict fish traps in the US Virgin Islands


Steven Hitt (M.Sc. Marine & Environmental Science 2008-2010)

University of the Virgin Islands, USA

Thesis: Quantifying the migration behavior and space use patterns of Haemulon sciurus and Lutjanus apodus across US Virgin Island seascapes


Bryan Legare (M.Sc. Marine & Environmental Science 2009-2011)

University of the Virgin Islands, USA

Thesis: Juvenile Blacktip Shark (Carcharhinus limbatus) and Lemon Shark (Negaprion brevirostris) Movements within two nursery areas of St. John, United States Virgin Islands (USVI)


Jamie Kilgo (Master of Marine Affairs 2010-2012)

University of Washington, USA

Thesis: Spatial patterns and habitat associations of targeted reef fish in and around a marine protected area in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands


Christina Colletti (M.Sc. Marine & Environmental Science 2008-2011)

University of the Virgin Islands, USA

Thesis: The effect of seascape structure on the spatial distribution of juvenile fish

within Benner Bay Mangrove Lagoon, St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands (USVI)

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